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As an added bonus we include a My City option  


User research showed that we would all like "one" app for anything that effects our lives. 


With iBleat you use one app whether you are standing in a banking line, shopping, at a restaurant and now even in the traffic!

iBleat is your chance to become an active participant in making our roads a safer place, for all of us!

How many times have you wished there was a traffic officer around when needed?


How often have you wished to report a blatant traffic offense,

un-roadworthy vehicle, aggressive or reckless driving behavior?

We Believe that Together We Can

  • ​Promote voluntary compliance with traffic legislation.

  • Reduce traffic contraventions and road rage.

  • Improve safe and courteous road user behaviour.

  • Increase the quality and broaden the scope of traffic information regarding hazardous or potential hazardous locations, offense and incident/accident prone areas, etc.

  • To identify regular traffic offenders.

  • Inform operators and owners of freight and public passenger vehicles of traffic offenses committed or poor behaviour and road discipline displayed by their drivers.

My City

See how to Bleat Traffic 

My City allows you to:

Report a Traffic Incident

  • Report driver behavior incidents and offences.  This is becoming even more prevalent with the advent of Dashcams.

My City Municipal

  • Report out of order traffic lights, traffic congestion, road works, potholes etc.

  • You can also report water leaks and power outages. 

  • When you share to Facebook or Twitter add "hashtags" for your local light or water utility.

Will You Make A Difference?

Reporting Incidents

  • Dangerous driving or bad parking is named and shamed and shared on our webpage.  You may also elect to name and shame on Facebook or Twitter.

  • “Bleats” may also be forwarded to the local Traffic Authority.  These are not necessarily for prosecution purposes but to build a database of offenses by location, date and time.

  • However, prosecutions may be achieved in serious situations and where you the "Bleater" state that you would be prepared to make a formal statement and appear in court if necessary.  

  • Repeat offenders will be identified.

  • Insurers registered with us may search our database in assessing their insurance risk.

Every driver, realizing their behavior is potentially always monitored, will moderate their behavior over time as every iBleat user becomes an “undercover policeman”.

Dont Bleat and Drive!

  • If you are driving and you have a passenger let them capture any incident.

  • Alternatively you can mount your phone in a cradle as you would a dashcam.  We open iBleat and select the Snap & Bleat function.  If you witness an incident you merely hit the photo button.  Date, time & location are automatically recorded and you can select to Bleat later.  

  • There are some great free dashcam apps for smart phones. We recommend and use  Drivermatics.  At this stage iBleat only allows you to snap a photo to upload.  We will soon launch the option to upload video footage.

  • Above all else be safe on our roads!

Does Community Reporting Work?

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