iBleat a Cost-Saving Solution!

iBleat is intended to reduce all the "noise" and to draw your customers to an effective efficient and properly structured channel that your customers will love using!

  • With iBleat the menu based system guides the customer to capture all the information a call centre agent needs to deal with the issue.​

  • This simplifies and speeds up your call centre's ability to respond immediately and effectively.

  • This reduces operating costs.  For every 1% improvement in First Call Response performance, a contact center reduces its operating costs by 1%. (SQM Group).  This equals a $276,000 annual operational saving for the average call center!

  • iBleat delivers the Bleat to the tried and tested email system.  No additional integration or setup.

  • The new art to customer care is to draw your customers to the channel that is most effective for them and most efficient for you in terms of cost, time and performance.

Respond with a Phone Call

Phone Is King for Customer Experience!

Recent Five9 survey shows digital consumers, regardless of age, still want to talk to customer service agents.

What you will effectively do is place your customer care email into the hands of your customers - where they ultimately want it!  Customer Care at Their Fingertips!

The Solution

  • Register with iBleat. Its Free!

  • We will list your company, stores, products or services. 

  • You then advise your customers that you have extended your customer service to respond to issues reported by iBleat. 

  • We understand you have to be listening and respond to all channels your customers may use to make contact with you. However, we believe by offering your customers iBleat as an alternative option, they will gravitate away from other channels as they experience how simple and effective iBleat is.

  • Your call centre agents will be more effective as iBleat is the only channel that serves you all the information you require to respond effectively from the outset.  

By introducing iBleat there is no change to your existing infrastructure. Your customer has the convenience of using his hand held device to communicate with you more efficiently than ever before - using your existing email  technology. 
It's simple, old school meets new school and it works brilliantly!
Now that is offering true customer care! 
What have you got to lose?

Make iBleat Really Work for You!

  • Run Campaigns to encourage your customers to Bleat Compliments.

  • You can get feedback on products, new menu items or any other issue by offering discounts, prizes or specials offers to customers who Bleat to you.  

  • Use In-Store advertising, Table Talkers or run a Social Media Campaign to encourage and reward your customers for Bleating.

  • How about an Employee of the Month Campaign based on the number of Bleats complimenting an employee? 

Our “Share a Great Customer Service Moment” competition has been won! Congratulations Kirsten Kearns and Jade Pekeur.

Kirsten nominated Jade from Clicks Sonieke Mall, wining R5000 for each of them!

We love recognizing great customer service moments!

Keep on Bleating!

Remember with every Bleat you receive the customers email address.  Build your customer-base and build a relationship!

"iBleat allows you to improve your business by getting closer to your customers.

Low cost - Big impact!"

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