For the User

"Well done! I report issues I never normally would have bothered to, as it was too difficult and time consuming ."

"Excellent! Why didn't anyone think

of this before". 

"No more holding for customer care! Brilliant!"

You the Customer

​Have an issue you need resolved​.

  • You don't want to hold on a phone line for a customer call centre agent.​

  • You don't have the time to engage in a series of "chat" messages.


  • You want to recognize great service or compliment someone but it always seemed too difficult to do so.

It's simple - Download iBleat!  It's Free!

  • Follow the menu based system and choose to send a complaint or a compliment.  

  • Submit​.

  • If you don't get a timeous response you can then share to Facebook or Twitter - if you so choose.

  • Whether you are standing in a banking line, busy shopping, or back home when you discover an issue with something you purchased ... just Bleat it!

Play to see how easy it is to Bleat

What Happens Next?

The Service Agent

  • Receives your Bleat via email.

  • The agent has all the information required to immediately and effectively begin to respond.

  • The Bleat contains exactly what they require, date, time, location, nature of the complaint or compliment and a photo.

  • It doesn't get simpler than that!


  • You can expect to be responded to via email.

  • You can trust that your Bleat has been correctly sent and you can carry on with your day until responded to. 

  • There are no series of to and fro messages to try and establish what your issue was.

  • It's Hassle Free.  It's Quick & Effective.


Play to see how to " Try a Bleat"

"I sure hope you get massive support. I will be using it often! I wish you guys well!"

Chris B

What Should You Bleat About?

  • Any Customer Service Issue!

  • Whether it's a compliment or complaint ... just Bleat it!

  • More good happens than bad - so Bleat compliments! 

  • Recognizing great service always leads to better service!

  • You can even "name and shame" traffic offenders using the Traffic section 

Marie E.G

" Five Stars!"

If you are in a rush

  • We have you covered. Try our Quick Snap Feature and Bleat later.

  • This amazing feature allows you to take a picture in-app and save it to Bleat later.

  • The pic, date, time and location are automatically captured and you can complete the Bleat later in your own time,

"This is exactly what I've been waiting for!" 

Karen G

Play to see how our Quick Snap feature saves you time

Lorenzo G

"I love it! I got an immediate response!"

What happens if a company is not registered with iBleat?

If they haven't registered yet, we do our best  get your Bleat to them as quickly as possible.  We monitor the Bleats on our server and manually route them to the company concerned.  

We have ongoing campaigns targeting companies and encouraging them to sign up with us.  Once a company has signed up your Bleat will in future instantly be routed to them.

As a safety measure you may also elect to "Share to Facebook" or "Share to Twitter" -  Attaching "hashtags"  to your post allows companies monitoring social media channels to pick up posts such as these.


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