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For Business

  • 27.5% of respondents who have contacted a brand on social for customer service never received a response and 30% waited over 30 minutes for the brand to reply.

  • Customers expect social customer service to be effortless: 100% of respondents considered “Ease of Use” a key aspect of social customer service, with 45% qualifying it as the most important aspect. (Conversocial)

iBleat has the Solution!

Customer Care issues are becoming more and more difficult for companies to monitor.

  • Businesses are having to scan social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, WeChat and others - and still man their regular call center, email and web chat channels.

  • Multiple public and private messages from a single customer are hard to track and can get lost between agents or lost through incorrect tagging.

  • Often irate customers send the same complaint on multiple channels.  Then when they are tired of waiting for a response to Chat or Social posts they may also Call you.  Call center's can end up with multiple people working on the same issue

  • Every person structures their complaint differently and all too often an issue is received without all the required information for your call centre to immediately deal with.

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What is iBleat?

  • Chat options currently available are not actually that efficient.  In any message or chat conversation the first few messages are generally used to identify the type of issue the customer is facing, then only to collect all the relevant information needed to resolve the issue.

  • Customers find this frustrating!  It's also time consuming.  Our research shows that customers would far prefer to send a complaint and be contacted when the agent is ready to solve it.

  • Rather than saving money and making customer service more effective all these new channels are actually having the opposite effect.  

  • You may have been contemplating offering your own customer service App but the costs are prohibitive.

  • High stakes!  These days a single error can result in a full-blown social media crisis.

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