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What happens to my Bleat?

When you Bleat your Bleat is instantly directed to the companies customer care email address if they have registered with us.  

What happens if a company is not registered with you?

If they haven't registered yet, we do our best  get your Bleat to them as quickly as possible.  We monitor the Bleats on our server and manually route them to the company concerned.  

Your Bleats will soon also be posted to our webpage where it is searchable by everyone.  Searches can be made by location, then filtered by compliment or complaint, company, brand or product and date.

We have ongoing campaigns targeting companies and encouraging them to sign up with us.  Once a company has signed up your Bleat will in future instantly be routed to them.

As a safety measure you may also elect to "Share to Facebook" or "Share to Twitter" -  Attaching "hashtags"  to your post allows companies monitoring social media channels to pick up posts such as these.

What should I Bleat?

Any Customer Service Issue!  Whether it's a compliment or complaint ... just Bleat it!  

More good happens than bad - so Bleat compliments.  Recognizing great service always leads to better service!

You can even "name and shame" traffic offenders using the Traffic section 

With iBleat, it's never been easier!

We already have an App

Many Large Corporations have developed their own Customer Service Apps. However, our research shows that "most of us' don't want to have several different Apps to interact with. In all likelihood customers are still contacting you through social media channels. iBleat delivers a properly constructed bleat for immediate and effective resolution

Why did you call it iBleat?

A "bleat" is the sound a sheep makes.  In many english speaking societies its a common term used to describe someone who is complaining. They are offered referred to as "bleating" about an issue.  We saw it as a fun word that fits in with social media trends.  On Twitter you "Tweet" - with us you "Bleat". 

“Have you Bleated it?”

“Why don’t you Bleat it”

“Just Bleat it”

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