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Connecting Every Customer to Any Company - Easily!

"Your One Customer Care App"

Customers are saying:

“Value my time by making it quick and easy to contact you!"


Companies are striving to deliver the best possible customer experience

at the lowest cost


iBleat solves both issues!

What's currently available...

Are perceived as time consuming and call holding increases dissatisfaction. Composing emails are seen as requiring too much effort.

Facebook & Twitter are not private and issues can go viral very quickly. In addition, issues not directed correctly fall through the cracks increasing customer frustration.

Chat options currently available are not that efficient!  In any message or chat conversation the first number of messages are generally used to merely identify the issue the customer is facing. Then only can you begin solving the issue.

So we developed iBleat ...

"Your One Customer Care App"

Customer Care Call Centre's

Social Media Customer Care

Chat Options

Customer Care? - iBleat!

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iBleat Customer / Users

Finally you have one App to contact any Company or Business.  iBleat's has an intuitive mobile App interface, allowing you to engage with any organization quickly, effectively. 


In addition, rating and reviewing of your customer service experience is easy with iBleat.

Small Business Owners

Today, in business, a customer service app is critical but often too expensive for small businesses.  With iBleat your customers can interact directly with you immediately!

Business & Organisations

Many companies are introducing their own Apps. However, research has shown that users resist having too many Apps on their mobile devices. 

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